Meet Me In The Middle (School)

WELCOME FELLOW TEACHERS!! I’m Mel- an 8th grade ELA teacher that just finished her first year teaching. If you, too, are a teacher of the “middles” you have come to the right place— I am glad you are here & congratulations, you are in great company.

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Tips to Build Student-Teacher Rapport in Middle School

The number ONE important aspect of teaching that I value and love about this career, is building authentic student-teacher rapport. I pride myself in doing this well and have found that spending quality time to do this almost virtually ELIMINATES any classroom management issues. Check out the following link for some great tips to help…

This One’s For The 1st Year Teachers! (PART 2)

Last week, you read the list of what I view as my “must do” and “must haves” before starting your first year as a teacher. As promised, my Google Form Survey is linked under the, “Resources” tab. Check it out/make a copy for your own classroom! While this week’s content may not be as exciting,…

This One’s For The 1st Year Teachers!

I was absolutely overwhelmed trying to figure out the nonnegotiable materials and planning I needed to accomplish while planning for my 1st year teaching as an 8th grade ELA teacher. I hadn’t had any prior practicums or experience with middle school, so that added an extra weight of worry about the drastically unknown. Here is…

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