Virtual Handshake | Introduction

Connection. Connection is what largely helped me navigate my first year teaching (not to mention during a global pandemic). Why limit valuable connection to the walls of the school that I occupy my time? I created this blog to step out of my comfort zone, to see past the limited lens contained by the walls of my rural, Midwestern classroom. What do I have to loose in sharing/connecting with educators with all collections of backgrounds, locations, life experiences, and years in the profession? This blog is the digital platform to share authentic & transparent ME! So fellow superhuman middle school teachers: let’s connect, relate, and grow together. We are all on the same team!

Follow “Meet Me In The Middle (School)” To Relate & Enjoy the following:

  • A real and genuine glance into the day in the life of a novice but driven (sometimes highly distracted) middle school teacher.. the good, bad, ugly, and hilarious. Let’s be real, teaching middle school can be quite…entertaining!
  • Discover what is challenging me right NOW
  • Relate to the challenges in my past + strategies I have tried that WORK
  • Learn what I have tried that was a total FLOP aka EPIC FAIL.
  • What I have to CELEBRATE inside/outside of school!
  • Beginner tips for integrating mindfulness mini-lessons & activities in a MS classroom.
  • Creating a classroom environment where everyone feels and knows they belong.
  • FREE resources/lessons that I have created, used, and loved in my 8th grade English Language Arts classroom (i.e. a combination of both subject & grade-level miscellaneous content).

your new teammate in education: MEL.…otherwise known as, “Miss. Mikos”


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